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Hire a Celebrity Leukemia Spokesperson

Find famous people with Leukemia to hire as experts and product spokespeople

If you seek an expert in Leukemia or a celebrity to act as a Leukemia spokesperson, you have come to the right place. RX Entertainment Inc. is a team of celebrity endorsement experts dedicated to finding the ideal celebrity for your healthcare, medical, fitness, nutrition and pharmaceutical product or brand. Whether you need to develop a celebrity campaign to raise awareness, or hire a celebrity speaker for your next event, we focus on delivering credible, performance-driven relationships that can:

  • launch your Leukemia-related product or brand
  • increase product awareness
  • motivate your sales force
  • open dialogues between patients and doctors and generate widespread publicity that drives sales and/or awareness

There are many famous people with Leukemia or who have some connection to the condition, perhaps through a relative or a friend (see names below.)

The celebrity names listed below are just a small sample. Rx Entertainment maintains a database of more than 10,000 celebrity names and their corresponding health-related conditions. If you don’t find what you are looking for here please call a Rx team member at (323) 461-3205 or email us at and we would be happy to help you refine your search. We answer all requests within a few hours.

  • Ed Bradley
  • Mario Lemieux

We understand your regulatory limitations

Before hiring a celebrity to represent your product, brand or company, make sure the booking agency understands the minefields of health and medical regulations involved. Rx Entertainment Inc. understands the unique rules and regulations that govern the healthcare industry and are skilled at navigating product launch and advertising campaigns through the intricate medical, regulatory and legal review process–so that your celebrity product spokesperson not only effectively communicates your brand's key messages, but does so in compliance with the most stringent medical and regulatory guidelines.

Celebrities with Leukemia

We thank you for choosing Rx Entertainment Inc. to hire your Leukemia expert or celebrity spokesperson. Contact our health marketing experts now to make your next Leukemia-related campaign a success.